Eight Ninety Five For A Battered Sausage?

07/02/11 -- Just back from a long weekend away on the lash with the divine MrsN#3. Old romantic that I am I decided to treat her to a cottage by the sea near Whitby, where we met some people from Leeds who were incredulous to report on the price of battered sausages in what is probably Whitby's most famous "fish and chip emporium".

You don't see a lot of battered sausage on MasterChef do you?

"Robert, who's an assistant chef at La Maison d'Paris in Gstaad, has decided to present chef Michel with battered sausage on a bed of mushy pois with a vinegar drizzle and a couple of slices of bread to show off his presentation skills."

Which reminds me of Stacey, who I used to work with and was an ardent vegetarian, who frequently and bizarrely used to break her meat free vows on a Saturday night for the sake of a battered sausage and then hate herself again in the morning.

In the queue at the kebab house at 2am with boyfriend Russ, she'd grab sight of said delicacy and that was it. I could never figure that out, she could flatly refuse a bacon butty or a hot roast beef and onion sarnie quite easily, but show the girl a battered sausage and that was it, she was like putty in your hands.