Joke Of The Day

09/02/11 -- Twitter suggesting that one person I might like to follow is Richard Branson. I'd rather follow Pol Pot, the useless long-haired scruffy layabout and non-provider pf pre-paid for service. That's Branson I mean, not Mr Pot, I'm sure his broadband service is impeccable. Potband I think it's called, superfast Cambodian broadband, not intermittent where is it when you need it oh sorry it's gone for a cup of tea and a lie down but it might be back on next week sometime slugband.

But I can't resist clicking can I, just to see what pearls of wisdom I am missing. Maybe there's a public apology on there or something. He probably knows that everybody hates him, so he's probably thought I'll contact them all en-masse via twitter as emailing them individually would take an army of people a year. So here it is folks, a small selection of what our O level deficient hero has to say:

fancy my new shirt?

Followed by:

I'm talking about peace in 5 minutes; watch me live here...

The muppet, I'm kicking myself now for wasting another nanosecond of my life on the Bee Gee-esque one. Peace, I'd like to give you a piece of my mind Branson, and you look like even more of an aging gay hippy in that shirt than you normally do.