Nogger's Dog

18/02/11 -- Has some interesting views on life, and occasionally the grain markets too sometimes. He's got his own blog you know, which gets as many hits currently as it took me four months of solid blogging to acquire, you tight bastards. See Nogger's dog's blog here.

I realise that this is quite a big picture of me (not at all interesting) and only a small picture of him (maybe moderately more interesting), so I apologise in advance for that, but it's the only one I have to hand. He also has quite an interesting search engine all of his own called poohgle. It's Google, with a kind of doggie twist (if you are extremely fortunate a white doggie twist). More of a log than a blog perhaps.

He overhears things occasionally too and repeats them. I wish he wouldn't, but what can I do? Still, I'm sure you won't go telling anybody.