There's Something Odd Going On North Of The Border

23/02/11 -- On my way back from a visit to Perth, what a disappointment that place is, nothing like they picture it on the telly. Cold, wet and not one kangaroo or koala bear in sight.

Another thing conspicuous by it's absence was ginger people. Didn't see one, not one, in the entire journey. What's going on I ask myself, is there a wee bit of gingocide going on up there I wonder?

Also missing from the action were kilts, cabers and deep fried Mars Bars and mountains were a bit thin on the ground too. Actually thinking about it I'm not really 100% sure that the train actually took me to Scotland at all. I may have gone to a fake, pretend Scotland, a bit like the Christmasy Laplandy place that those fellas got into trouble over the other week.

I have to say that the lovely people at Scottish Agronomy were incredibly kind, friendly and hospitable too, picking up the tab for everything. Also I could understand every word they said. See what I mean?

There was whiskey all over the place mind, I didn't go down for breakfast this morning but I'm sure that there was Jock juice on offer there too.

I'll probably wake up in the morning to find it was all a dream. Still, I'll send the invoice in all the same just in case it really did happen.

Cheers boys.

Late update: Just changed trains at Edinburgh. It was almost a fiver for a beef burger and 30p just to go for a wee. I think I am in Scotland after all.