Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour

17/03/11 -- As they used to say on Stingray. Watching the news tonight I wouldn't want to put too much of my own money on where we go from here.

Am I the only one who's thought IF those nuclear reactor housings ARE safe, and nice and intact and all that, then why are they dropping water on them? If the rods ARE OK inside a lovely intact housing then what difference is that going to make?

But IF they are open to the elements, what does that mean?

Meanwhile we could have a no fly zone in force over Libya by the morning. Is that bullish or bearish for grains? Nobody seems to know. Suppose that the entire Med becomes a no go zone as far as shipping is concerned, what does that mean?

War usually means grains go up. But if you can't actually deliver them to where they are wanted isn't that really bearish not bullish?

Confused? So am I.