Ask Nogger

31/03/11 -- Today's problem comes from Mark of Stamford, he writes:

Dear Uncle Nogger, I want to leave the feed company where I have worked for the last 11 years and set up my own business doing something else. Have you any tips for someone who wants to do this and can I draw on your wealth of experience from someone who wants to be like you and just post a few blogs each day in return for copious amounts of dosh.

Well, Mark I think you'll find that I've already got that angle covered. I do hear that there is a vacancy at Asda in Stamford for a "trolley relocation key colleague" which may be worthy of consideration. You get to work outdoors, which is handy if you smell a bit and dribble a lot like most of them do. You're also provided with a lovely high viz jacket, to keep the dribble off your nylon fleece, which women find totally irresistible I understand.