Interesting Little E-Commerce Factlet D'Jour

30/03/11 -- Domino's Q1 2011 sales are up 11.2%, according to figures out this morning. We aren't dining out in these recessionary times, but we can't be bothered to actually cook anything either, things haven't got that bad yet. Lets have a large pizza and throw a few dipper/stripper/nuggets at the kids dahling is the order of the day it would seem. Chuck us in two litres of Coke as well will ya mate, yeah the full fat stuff, we don't want none of that diet malarkey. Do you do Vienettas as well, I've heard that there's a shortage of them.

Don't panic I haven't forgotten that there's an interesting e-commerce factlet d'jour attached to all this, I'm just going off on a tangent like normal.

Right then, are you sitting comfortably, well sated with a stuffed crust spicy hot one deep inside you? Here we go...what percentage of Domino's GBP132.3 million Q1 UK sales were ordered online do you reckon? Ten percent? Twenty at a push I'd have said.

No matey boy peeps, the answer is nearly forty percent. Not only can't we be bothered to cook anything, we can't find the energy within ourselves to reach for the phone and talk to somebody either.

That's a much higher percentage than I'd have guessed. Also of interest is that Q1 online sales in 2010 were under 30% of total revenue. So not only is a huge slice of Domino's pizza now bought online, the size of that slice is growing rapidly.

How long before that starts to happen in the feed trade? A deep pan red hot special, a digital camera, Lady Gaga's latest album and 20 tonnes of 18% dairy nuts. Submit.

Now I'm not suggesting that Amazon are going to start selling feed just yet, but the notion of buying lots your stuff online is certainly becoming the norm these days. Especially when the lad away at agricultural college returns to the fold and Dad starts to hand over the reins a bit.

feedBay. The compounders reading this will be thinking "I'm not putting my prices online for every bugger to see" but they may start to change their minds when the competition are on there and they aren't. Especially if it's cash upfront with the order, which is a damn sight better than waiting 90 days to get your cash in isn't it?

I might have just hit on something here....