Our Man In Brazil

23/03/11 -- Despite widespread reports of Brazil's soybean crop having a little shine taken off the top courtesy of persistent rains, it's not like that all over the country according to my newest chum. Here's what he has to say from RGDS today:

"The crop in Rio Grande do Sul is big and biggering!! And that (is) despite relatively low rainfall this last month which has river levels so low that the police are yanking chopped-up cars out of some of them (thieves dump them there after stripping out the best bits). However (with) the rains we received last week with more expected today or tomorrow, the crop looks hot. What is causing the headaches (migraines, in fact) is the problem with sorting out freight. Prices have soared and are soaring more; lorry availability is a problem; drivers are in short supply; storage all across the state is getting very tight and tempers are flaring. In other words, the coming days and weeks look to be fun. Last night I was the last to leave the office but every time I stood up, the phone rang again with someone else requiring an answer ... none of which would/could wait. Think I’ll make an effort to get out of here a little earlier today!"