Record UK Rapeseed Crop In Store

28/03/11 -- A 9.2% jump in plantings to 696,000 ha will see the UK harvest a record 2.325 MMT of rapeseed this year, according to Coceral. The area estimate is very much in line with that of Defra, although they haven't put an figure on production yet.

Coceral are using a yield estimate of 3.34 MT/ha, 3% lower than last season's 3.45 MT/ha, if we were to match last season's yield then we'd potentially be looking at a crop of 2.4 MMT.

Coceral see the overall EU-27 rapeseed crop broadly unchanged on last year at 20.2 MMT, with output in France at 4.97 MMT (up 6.7% on 4.77 MMT last year), Germany at 5.15 MMT (down 10% on 5.75 MMT last year) and that of Poland at 2.18 MMT (up 3.8% on 2.11 MMT last year).