Teen Angst

17/03/11 -- We have a wee problermo in the Nogger household: a holiday. We want one, the kids want one. But after that the similarity ends.

We all do want "a place in the sun" so Centre Parcs isn't an option. We did the Lakes outward bound thing last year, and the delightful MrsN#3 and I would like a bit more of a relaxing time this year. But we'd also like the kids to be catered for. They're too old for facepainting and kids clubs, but too young to go clubbing in Faliraki at 12 and 14. Any ideas anybody? Somewhere that isn't more than say 4/5 hours away by plane.

Oh, and somewhere with t'internet and where beer is cheap would be good. And we don't want to go to the sort of place where they offer to buy your daughter for camels and stuff. Email me: Nogger needs help