The Week So Far

04/03/11 -- Having finished a torrid week astonishingly almost unchanged last week, I thought I'd take a quick peek at where we are this week so far.

Including the latest overnight Globex market we currently see Mar CBOT wheat up 14c, Mar beans are up 42 1/2c and Mar corn is 18 1/4c higher. On our side of the water we currently see Mar London wheat down GBP2.15, Mar Paris wheat down EUR4 and May Paris rapeseed up EUR20.50 to be Europe's star performer of the week.

Those are all based on prices at 11am this morning compared to last Friday's close. It's interesting to note that despite the more sedate pace of this trading week, we've actually seen prices generally move by more overall than a week ago.

What the significance of any of that is I'm buggered of I know, but just knowing and sharing it makes me feel better.

Is it beer o'clock yet?