Just Call Me Statto

26/04/11 -- Sitting at my computer idly wondering how things have changed dramatically in the past six weeks, just after the market collapsed in the aftershock reverberating around following the Japanese earthquake/tsunami (mixed in with a touch of Gaddafi jitters too).

So I thought I'd do the research and impart the info. Here goes, since March 15th we've seen the following market moves based on today's latest prices (basis front month):

Paris wheat up EUR54.00/tonne (+25.6%)
London wheat up GBP42.65/tonne (+25.5%)
Paris malting barley up EUR48.50/tonne (+24.0%)
CBOT wheat up 151 3/4c (+22.7%)
Paris corn up EUR41.50/tonne (+20.9%)
CBOT corn up 122c (+19.2%)
Paris rapeseed up EUR57.75/tonne (+14.0%)
CBOT soybeans up 109 1/2c (+8.6%)

Interesting to see Chicago corn closer to the bottom of the list than the top, and also of note is little old London wheat fighting above it's weight again.