Interview For A Hamster

09/05/11 -- You couldn't make it up could you? Met up with my daughter over the weekend who told me that someone in work had been advertising "baby hamsters, thousands of the buggers, free to good homes" on the company intranet. So off she types a message saying that she is very much "in the market" for one, as a first pet for her 3-year old daughter Megan. (Yes, technically that makes me a grandad, but then again technically Graham Norton is a man isn't he? And so is Lady Gaga, allegedly, but lets not go down that boulevard.)

Anyway, my daughter is invited round to meet the girl over-run with said rodents, who promptly "interviews" her, vis-a-vis her suitability for hamster guardianship, and then turns her down as "unsuitable" due to Megan being only three. It seems that three year olds are particularly prone to hamstercide.

If she had that many of them the Megan would have been doing her a favour I'd have thought, but strangely the girl didn't see it that way and wouldn't be budged. Pets at Home shares are likely to suffer when this news hits the streets this morning.