Temporary Blog Problem

19/05/11 -- There's a temporary problem uploading new posts from my PC so I'm posting this from my mobile. Everything should be back to normal soon. Early call on CBOT meanwhile is beans up 4-6c, corn up 5-7c and wheat up 10-12c.

Problem resolved. For info, as this may be relevant to some of you, out of the blue this afternoon whilst attempting to update the blog Google asked for my mobile number for security purposes. Saying that it was to prevent suspicious postings and would only be used for verification purposes.

So you think, ah well it's Google, it'll be all right. Except it wasn't.

You give them your number and press next (or whatever) and then you're left hung in permanent cyberspace unable to log into Blogger any more, as it's constantly trying to redirect you to a webpage the address of which is becoming increasingly longer by the millisecond. Your browser finally gives up and you get a Google 414 error page.

The way to extricate yourself from permanent cyber limbo is to delete the "lets go round and round in circles forever" cookie that Google have placed on your PC. Except you don't know exactly where it is and have no idea whatsoever what it's called.

Solution is to delete cookies, except deleting all your cookies will probably mean that every website that you use where you by-pass the log-in procedure will now want you to log-in again wont it? Which is at the very least a pain, and possibly more than that if you can't remember your log-in details.

Nogger solution (for IE): Tools > Internet Options > Under browsing history click Settings > View files. A long list of temporary internet files including cookies will appear, they will probably be sorted in the order of "last accessed" but if not click "last accessed" to make them so.

Figure out roughly when your problem started, and give yourself say another hour on top just to be sure, then delete everything from that point down to the bottom of the list. Sorted. Then next time they ask for your mobile number tell them to do one.