No I Haven't Fallen Off A Cliff

25/06/11 -- Touched as I am by your concern, no I haven't fallen off a cliff I've just been out and about for a couple of days chatting to a few farmers in East Anglia/Lincs and having a little shuftie at a few crops along the way.

Things don't look too bad in that part of the world, although let's just say I'm bullish on straw this year! If the crops were any shorter they'd be underground. Hence my witty picture of a toy combine harvester.

Didn't come across one person with two heads either, contrary to some reports I'd heard. Neither was there a gypsy on every street corner. It was every other one to be fair. One of them stopped me and said "do you know if there's a B & Q in Peterborough?" I said "there's a B in it mate" and went on my way, it's nice to help people isn't it even if they do live in a caravan.