NWF Shares Jump

07/06/11 -- Shares in my old chums NWF are up more than 4% today, and are now trading at 133.5p having been under 110p for a net gain of over 20% in less than a month ago. They've just had their year-end on 31st May and released a trading statement on 17th May which said:

"The Board now anticipates a record year for the Group following strong trading in the key winter and spring months in its Feeds and Fuels divisions."

Adding: "Profit in our Feeds division is expected to be significantly ahead of expectations." And: "the outcome of the current financial year will be significantly ahead of its prior expectations."

What a hot tip that was.

An interesting article in the FT recently compared the relative merits of NWF, Wynnstay and Carrs: Sector provides food for thought