12/07/11 -- Blogging activity will be fairly light for the rest of the week as I'm heading to Kiev for a conference in the style of the jet-setting, man-about-town, high profile grain blogger that I am.

This magnificent statue called "Mother Motherland" (it must have lost something in translation there) stands 62 m tall on top of the museum building. No, it's not a dustpan and brush she's holding it's a sword and a shield you muppet.

The "buy Nogger a beer" fund has been duly emptied and converted into hryvnias, which is apparently what they call folding beer tokens over there. I'll be doing lots of crop inspecting whilst I'm there. Or at the very least talking to people who have done lots of crop inspecting on my behalf whilst having a beer or two, which I will report back on next week. I wonder if Greece will be in default by then?

I can't vouch for how much blogging the dog will get up to either as I've confiscated his laptop for pissing in the kitchen again. But you never know, he's a resourceful little chap...