Get Your Tin Hats Out

23/09/11 -- "A defunct six-ton satellite is hurtling towards earth and is expected to crash within the next 24 hours, but experts have no idea where it will land," says Sky News here: Nasa Satellite 'To Hit Earth Within Hours'.

Surely this is precisely the reason that experts are employed? What are they experts at if they haven't got a clue where it's going to land this thing the size of a double decker bus? Bunch of idiots the lot of them if you ask me.

Anyway, talking of tin hats what do we make of the market this morning? Buggered if I know and I'm supposed to be an expert!

Back to this satellite thing, I'll plump for Russia, that's where it will land. Big place Russia, which immediately gives me a better chance than picking somewhere like say The Vatican. Likely to cause less disruption if it lands in the Russian Steppes somewhere than on the Vatican too.

Egypt are expected to issue a tender to import defunct satellites next week, which is lucky. The Russians can pop what's left of this one on with the next wheat boat.

On the other hand it could land on British Unfairways head office if there's any justice in this world.