Nogstradamus And Cheese-Free Cheeseburgers

10/09/11 -- A funny gut feeling is telling me that things could look very different in the grain (and probably stocks/crude too) market before very long. Something big is in the wings, within the next month, maybe sooner. The problem is I don't know what it is, and/or whether the market will react bullishly or bearishly to it when it comes along.

On the other hand my uneasy gut could have something to do with my incomprehensibly poor "1955 burger" at McDonald's yesterday. MrsN#3 dragged me in there for a quick "anything fast will do" sort of a moment yesterday. Well, a more disappointing quickie I can't recall.

Being a cheese-hater (I know, it's not really REAL cheese that goes on these things you cheese aficionado's will tell me), but my dislike of the stinking stuff is so great that I really can't even stand the bland rubbery cheesy concoction that these places use. So I thought the new cheese-free 1955 burger, so named to celebrate the year that the company was founded in the US, was right up my street.

Well, I've never been so disappointed since I found out that Lady GaGa was a bloke. It didn't even deliver on the fastness front, as the girl behind the counter looked at me aghast as if nobody else had ever ordered one, and I now know why. I literally wouldn't, and therefore didn't, give it to the dog. Even with his legendary constitution.

So there you have it, two for the price of none. Something big is maybe going to happen, but I don't know what it is, and forewarned is forearmed next time the missus drags you into the Golden Arches.

Next week: Has it happened yet? And advice on choosing the correct pie to accompany a chips, gravy and mushy pea dinner.