You Really Couldn't Make It Up Could You?

17/10/11 -- No more than a few hours after the financial markets opened higher on yet another "renewed optimism that EU leaders will sort out the financial crisis at the weekend" than they turn lower after German officials "warn against unrealistic expectations" - says the BBC.

Indeed they are now saying that they're not really sure that they've spelled the words "cunning plan" correctly and that their plan, such as it is, may not be ready by the weekend after all. Clearly Angela Merkel must have left it on the bus or something. What wretched bad luck after they'd put all that effort in too.

Think Monty Python's Cheese Shop sketch, bouzouki music appropriately enough playing in the background:

"I'll take your concrete cunning plan, please."

"I think it's a bit less concretey than you'd like it, Sir."

"I don't care, I'll have it anyway." (Expletives removed for the ladies).

"Oh, I'm sorry Sir the cat's just run off with it."

"Clear answers?"

"Not much call for them round here."

"Descision possibly?"

"Not at the weekend, Sir."

"Shut that bloody bouzouki up!"