Beep Beep, Beep Beep, Yeah

14/11/11 -- Carrs are reporting a decent set of figures today with group turnover up 25% to GBP373 million for the year ended September 3rd. Profit before tax is almost 35% higher at a nice round GBP10 million.

Within that Agriculture chipped in with a revenue of GBP272.7 million, up 26.7%, and a profit before tax on item excluding associate and joint ventures of GBP7 million (up 12.1%).

I was now going to make a joke about that being a lot of water biscuits. I did a quick Google for Carr's Water Biscuits and was surprised to discover that it may well have been part of the same company at one time as under history on their website it says "Carr’s Biscuits began during the British Industrial Revolution, when Jonathan Carr formed a small bakery in the city of Carlisle, England in 1831."