Buy Nogger A Car

22/11/11 -- The buy Nogger a beer thing has paid a few dividends over the past couple of years, so I thought today I'd aim a little bit higher. En route to a meeting this morning the bloody car has conked out again. Having recently forked out GBP1,200 to have a new clutch and dual mass flywheel fitted the thing is now seriously starting to get my goat. It currently resides in Skipton Road Garage from whom I am expecting to hear the worst sometime this afternoon. So come on dig deep...

Meanwhile on the trade front there's resale stuff kicking around on just about everything. Got 29% suns to sell ex Liverpool, Portbury and on the Humber (GBP129 and GBP129.50 traded yesterday). I've also got soya hulls on the Humber and Liverpool; EU wheat distillers on the Humber; US maize distillers ex Liverpool and Avon; rapemeal Liverpool, Humber and Erith; Hipro soya ex Avon; Citrus in Liverpool, etc, etc.

Lookie, lookie, for you I make special price beautiful lady etc.