Nogger's Newsround

24/11/11 -- It's a quiet day as the Septics munch their way through 45 million roast turkeys (yes, that's what they reckon: 45 million of the buggers). So obviously there's no Chicago today, but there will be an overnight Globex market in the morning and a shortened 15.30-18.00 GMT day trading session tomorrow.

What else is happening? Portugal's credit rating has been cut to junk status by Fitch as we appear to move one step closer to the end of Europe as we know it. Who will buy Portuguese bonds apart from the ECB? Nobody. And if the ECB was an employee of yours you'd sack him for gross negligence.

A break up of the eurozone which would have been considered unthinkable by many not long ago seems to be looking increasingly likely.

Incidentally, Egypt has also had a ratings cut from junk to really junk by S&P's today.

The mood in the trade is very much doom and gloom at the moment. So why not cheer yourself up by reading about the Welsh (no surprises there) student (no surprises there either) who had to call the fire brigade out to rescue her (yes, female, no surprises there once more) after she became trapped in a clothes horse.

Warning: may contain ginger content

A 18-year-old female ginger Welsh student doing something stupid, well who'd have thought it. A career in the feed trade clearly awaits Miss Morgan (she obviously isn't destined for the catwalk is she? - the cat flap more like).