Russian Harvest Results

29/11/11 -- The Russian Ministry says that the country has harvested 97.8 MMT of grain in bunker weight this year with just under 300,000 ha of corn left to cut.

The wheat harvest came in at 59.4 MMT in bunker weight, 37% more than last year's production. Last season's drought-damaged crop came in 4.6% lower in clean weight, whilst in 2009 it was 2.5% lower. If we work in the middle of those two this year then we are looking at a clean weight crop of around 57.4 MMT in 2011 (the USDA currently say 56 MMT).

For barley Russia brought in a bunker weight crop of 17.7 MMT, say the Ministry. That's almost double last season's output. Using the same mean bunker to clean ratio of the last two seasons that suggests a clean weight crop of 16.8 MMT this year (USDA - 16.5 MMT).

In addition the country has harvested 8.5 MMT of sunflower seed (up 77% on 2010), over 1 MMT of rapeseed (up 50%) and 1.6 MMT of soybeans (up 33%). The corn harvest currently stands at 5.8 MMT in bunker weight, a 115% increase on last year.