News Snippets

31/01/12 -- Iraq are tendering for "at least" 50,000 MT of wheat (they usually end up buying significantly more) of which US and Romanian origins are not permitted for "technical" reasons they say.

Japan says it has unusually bought around half of it's corn requirements for Q1 of 2012 from Europe. For Q2 it is also buying Argy corn and sorghum, in both cases it's because the price is cheaper than buying from it's normal supplier, the US.

There's plenty of rain showing up on the maps for Argentina today through to Friday.

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club says that winterkill losses in wheat could see the country up corn plantings by a quarter this spring, giving them the potential to reap a record 25 MMT crop in 2012.

Kazakhstan managed to export around 1.3 MMT of wheat in December, it's highest monthly total of the 2011/12 marketing year so far, I gather. As ever, logistics are it's problem when it has a bumper crop.

David Eudall, a thoroughly nice chap from the HGCA whom I met last week, interestingly points out on Twitter this morning that Nov13 London wheat right now stands at a GBP2.10/tonne discount to Nov12, whereas a year ago that differential was over GBP25.00/tonne.

See, that's why you should get on Twitter, to pick up interesting snippets like that. You can follow David at @djeudall. Others worthy of note that I haven't already mentioned are @Fengrain, @Noggersdog (yes, he's on there now), @QTWeather, @FintecGroup, @BritWeatherSvcs etc.