09/01/12 -- Twitter, what's that all about? It's for kids isn't it, like Two Facedbook, Kelly Suchandsuch is a slag. No I'm not you fat cow etc, etc.
That seems to be many people's perception of it. Which reminds me of when I set up my very first website and told one of my now retired customers that he could check out our daily prices live online without having to wait for a fax to come in. To which he replied "no thank you I'll wait for the fax. I don't do the internet. It's full of Freddie Starr ate my hamster stuff isn't it?"

Now I'm probably going back to around 1995 here, but his opinion of the usefulness, or in this case uselessness, of the internet was not uncommon then. Yet now we can't do without it.

So if you haven't got round to Twittering yet then I implore you to give it a go.

For the uninitiated the basic principal is that you follow whoever you like and basically build up a little (or large) network of people who's opinions you find useful or interesting.

The circle of people that you follow can be as diverse as you like and tailored to suit your own specific interests. Reuters, Bloomberg, Viz, Rotherham United, Nogger, Rio Ferdinand, Eddie Izzard, some person posing as Princess Di in heaven, Elizabeth Windsor, David Cameron, BBC Breaking News, BBC Business and some guy who keeps bees in Botswana. They're all on there.

You can link up with real farmers all over the world. OK, some times they might post "having fish and chips for tea, yummy" but then other times it might be "not rained here for months, wheat crops very poor, here's a link to how my fields are looking..."

Give it a go. Search for @noggersblog and see who I'm following and follow a few of them if you like what they post, you can then see who their followers are and build up you little network that way.

A few others well worth checking out are @ArlanFF101, @BBCBreaking, @BBCBusiness, @WXRISKCOM, @Grainboy, @Licht_biofuels, @Agrimoney, @AgsPlayers, @GrainUK, @MRJRNELSON65, @JGCWatts and @djeudall just to set the ball rolling.