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03/02/12 -- Having said that they were going to make an announcement on grain exports yesterday, and then changing that to today. And then changing that to "at some date in the future, but I can't tell you when" earlier today. They are now saying that they CAN export 27 MMT of grains in 2011/12, up from the 24-25 MMT previous suggested cap, without any restrictions. They go on to say that there are no grounds for an kind of export restrictions to be introduced in April.

Reminds me of many a shopping trip with MrsN#1 that does. You know the form, traipse round every shop in town and end up buying the dress/shoes that she saw in the first shop seven hours previously. "You never tell me I look nice," used to get that quite often. Apparently bursting out laughing and saying "believe me if you ever do look nice I will tell you" wasn't the response she was expecting.