A Tricky Market To Call

02/02/12 -- Seeing as we're in a tricky market to call I thought that I'd do you a little card trick. I've done this once before, and on a quiet day I'm going to attempt to do it again. Cue drum roll.....

Look at the image below and pick a card, any card, hold it in your mind (if you can find it) but don't tell me what it is right? OK, keep that card in your mind.

DON'T CLICK IT! DID I SAY CLICK IT? YOU'RE SO BLOODY IMPATIENT AREN'T YOU? DON'T CLICK ON IT UNLESS I TELL YOU TO, DON'T EVEN HOVER YOUR MOUSE OVER IT. Stop mucking about, you're interfering with the airwaves and upsetting my mojo, fiddling with my karma and twisting my melons all at the same time. It's a hard enough trick as it is, just bloody concentrate for once will you?

Right, hold that card in you head, NOW click anywhere on the image below (if you are capable of doing two things at the same time that is) and I will, via my legendary telepathetic powers, remove your card from the pack.

Hahaha. I did it. The bugger has vanished hasn't it? Applause!

Tomorrow I'm going to saw the dog in half live online.

NOTE: No animals were hurt in the making of this trick. That happens tomorrow.