Burning Question Of The Day

06/03/12 -- In honour of it being British Pie Week, I kid you not, what's been troubling me today is this: Is a Holland's steak & kidney pudding a pie? In a court of law?

If it is then I'd like to nominate it as the creme de la creme of the pie world. Pork pies have their place, I'll grant you that one. A nice steak & ale pie can also be a thing of beauty, but you simply cannot beat a Holland's steak & kidney pudding for all round balance of texture, meaty goodness and gravy content.

Ladies and gentlemen, raise your glasses to the King of pies, the "babies head" of culinary perfection, the Holland's steak & kidney pudding. My freezer is full of them, simmer for 45 mins in a pan of gently boiling water with the lid on.

The dog loves them too. When it's pie night in our house the plates don't need washing afterwards I can tell you, he'll lick the pattern off and everything. Northern dogs love gravy.