Is There A Lamborghini Dealership In Ely?

18/04/12 -- If not then it may be worth considering opening one up, as that's what the farmer of the not too distant future is going to be driving, according to famed investment guru Jim Rogers.

Even then they'd still be moaning though wouldn't they? "Oooh, it's too low down that is, me back, me back. Do you do them in any other colours? John Deere Racing Green I was thinking of. Do you take cash? Or I could do you a straight swap for ten tonnes of wheat, don't worry about what those little black bits in it are. I'll never be able to afford the petrol to fill that rascal. What subsidy do I get on one of them? Knock a couple of grand off and I'll have it, haven't you heard there's a drought on? Quick shut that sunroof it's pissing it down out there. And switch that bloody aircon off, I'm getting winterkill in here. Eeeee, I remember when all this was houses, now look at it, they've gone and ruined it with all these fields. How much? You're having a laugh, I can get it from KW for half that, do you think I'm made of money or something? I'll have three."