Brain Hemorrhage

21/05/12 -- Anyone trying to contact me by mobile phone at the moment will struggle. My super dooper Samsumg Galaxy S appears to have suffered a brain hemorrhage. Five or six factory resets still can't seem to help it.

Which is a bugger, but also a nice excuse to upgrade. My love affair with Samsung is about to go the same way as MrsN#1 & #2 it's sad to say.

Thinking about it wouldn't it be a good idea if you could do a factory reset on the missus?

Factory reset: This will erase all previously stored grievances and return you model to its original unsullied cake-free condition. Saggy saddle bags will revert to their previous pert condition and all contacts such as incredibly irritating ginger sister and neurotic self-centred mother-in-law will be lost. Are you sure? Too right I'm sure.