Drought Cancelled

11/05/12 -- We can all breathe a sigh of relief and get out there with the hosepipe and water the garden here in North Yorkshire as the Environment Agency have announced that drought restrictions here no longer apply.

Phew. The kids have been desperate for me to get the paddling pool out as well, so they'll be made up when they get home from school later. I might even have a celebratory bath all on my own later. It's been a bugger sharing it with MrsN#3 lately I can tell you, she keeps pinching me loofah.

Still, at least we can both fit in the bath together if we so chose. Which for some inexplicable reason puts me in mind of MrsN#1 with a shudder. On a holiday in the Lake District with her one time she decided to go for a swim in Windermere only to discover that she could hardly fit, Bowness went under twelve foot of water and the RSPCA thought that they'd found the Loch Ness monster's much bigger brother.

Yes, brother. Three Japanese tourists kept trying to harpoon her.