Hurry Up

17/05/12 -- The CME Group's plans to introduce 22-hour a day trading on the electronic Globex market are starting to resemble the contents of a woman's wardrobe.

The original plan to commence trading from midnight to 10pm (based on the current UK BST) starting on 14th May was shelved as they hadn't got CFTC approval in time. I wore this last time we went out with them.

Plan B was to begin trading those hours from Monday 21st May. Not with these shoes, surely.

That has also met with opposition, so Plan C it would appear is to start trading 21 hours/day commencing 11pm at night and running through to 8pm starting Monday 21st. No, seriously, does my bum look big in this?

Traders don't fancy this idea a whole lot either, as it means that USDA crop reports will be released during trading time, not when the market is closed as is currently the case. The black, or red? Blue it is then. Pink?

So, it currently appears that Plan C will not happen this coming Monday after all. Hair, up or down? Snatched back, right answer.

We don't know what Plan D is yet. All clear?