Branson (Again)

28/06/12 -- Yes folks, he's at it again, the bearded bell-end. Today's Virgin Media inspired let-down is a total email failure. How long it will be until it's fixed is anyone's guess. They are probably working on it in Mumbai right now though I'm sure. "How are you, is nice day, no? Yes. My name is Patrick (yeah, sure it is), how may I help you? No, no, everything is fine at our end, it must be something you've done wrong. Try wiping your entire computer, dismantling all the internal components one by one, then reassemble them - making sure that you put everything back where it came from, then reboot your machine whilst reciting the entire works of Shakespeare verbatim. Yes, I'll hold......there now, has that fixed it? No? You must have put one of the pieces back in the wrong place. Now here's what I want you to do, have you got a baseball bat handy?"

Needless to say, if you email me today don't go expecting a rapid response.