World Weather

29/06/12 -- Here's something new for you, and it's gratis too, you tight-fisted gang of freeloaders. A brand new world weather website with the emphasis very much on agriculture.

It's called World Ag Weather and here's a link for you to save your poor little fingers the effort of typing it in:

The guy behind the site is Richard James, an associate of Gail Martell of Martell Crop Projections fame, so some of the maps on there may have a familiar look to them.

Whilst I had nothing to do on this hot afternoon, as Rod Stewart would say, awaiting the release of the USDA numbers, I took a snapshot of all his different 14 day precipitation forecasts from around the world and stitched them all together for your perusal and personal edification.

Take a look here

This map uses the Canadian Meteorological Centre (CMC) forecasts, although Richard also has similar forecasts using the GFS model on his site too.

I spoil you sometimes don't I?