If The GFS Model Was A Car Would You Buy It?

26/07/12 -- As pretty much anyone who hasn't been living in a cave this summer will know, the GFS Model has made itself the laughing stock of the weather forecasting world by consistently predicting US rains that subsequently failed to materialise.

Checking out the new kid weather website on the block, the excellent WorldAgWeather, this afternoon I thought I'd take a quick shuftie at what the Trabant equivalent of the weather world has to say today.

You might not be surprised to hear that, whilst not exactly saying it's going to piss it down for the entire Midwest across the next 15 days, our old GFS mate is calling for heavier than normal rains for just about all points from Illinois south and west. Farmers in South Dakota should get their umbrellas out too.

Blimey! Sell, sell, sell. At least for those living in caves.

The rest of you might just think to yourselves, erm I'll just take a teeny weeny peak at the forecast from the Canadian Meteorological Centre, just for a bit of confirmation like. The difference between the two is pretty startling. You can click on the image above right to enlarge it, although I suspect that only Mr Magoo will need to in order to figure out which is from the GFS Model.

Weather forecasting isn't an exact science, I can appreciate that, but how can the GFS Model have been so consistently wrong all summer and be making such dramatically different forecasts to most of the other popular models? Answers on a postcard addressed to: The GFS Model, I'll Have You You Bastard Boulevarde, Skintville, Illinois.

As a side issue, I'm suggesting that the GFS Model is herewith renamed the CFHS Model. I'll give you a clue, although you may not require one, the C stands for "Complete" and the H for "Heap of".