Nogger On Tour 2012

16/08/12 -- Tour season is almost upon us, with my next guest appearance set to be at a meeting organised by the very pro-active Bristol Corn & Feed Trade Association on the 18th September at Bristol Golf Club.

Here Nogger will apparently dazzle the assembled throng with "a potted history of how he started in the industry, how & why he started blogging, his thoughts on where the market is now and prediction as to where it may be going!" No pressure there then.

Also I will attempt to give you the first three in the 2013 Grand National in the correct order, with the aid of my spirit guide Septic Peg, who will also let you fondle her runes for a fiver.

There are also two proper speakers: Pierre Begoc of Agritel and Matthew Tickle. Both of who should be highly entertaining and informative. I met Pierre in Kiev last year as it happens, and he will no doubt be providing an "inside" account of unfolding harvest events in Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Matthew will be disucssing the uses of proteins and potential alternatives to Soya, very appropriate given that domestic prices are now well above GBP400/tonne.

Clearly you'd have to be criminally insane not to want to attend such a prestigious event. Contact the BCFTA on to reserve a place or find out more.