Ukraine Latest

10/08/12 -- According to the Ukrainian Ministry of Agriculture harvesting of grains and rapeseed there is just about complete, producing 15.64 MMT of winter wheat with an average yield of 2.9 MT/ha., and 647,000 MT of spring wheat (off 96% of the planted area) with an average yield of 2.91 MT/ha. Interesting to note spring wheat yields marginally higher than those of winter wheat.

In addition, 5.73 MMT of barley has been harvested with an average yield of 2.22 MT/ha along with 1.18 MMT of rapeseed off 97% of the planted area with an average yield of to 2.23 MT/ha.

These will be bunker weight totals I would suggest, giving a probable total wheat harvest of around 15.0-15.5 MMT in clean weight, 6.5-7.0 MMT down on last season, although 2-2.5 MMT higher than a recent Reuters survey suggested.