Brazil Turning Wet

16/10/12 -- It looks like the long awaited Brazilian rains are about to arrive in force, according to this map from my chums at World Ag Weather here. The GFS model is on the left and the CMC model on the right.

There's 4-8 inches of rain in the forecast for southern Brazil across the next 15 days - good news especially for Parana, they say.

I once asked MrsN#1 if I could do a 'Brazilian' on her. When she said, "Yes" I threw her to the floor and shot her in the head three times.

We used to have a Brazilian housekeeper you know. She was rubbish at making the beds but was very tidy downstairs though.

In other soybean news the USDA have this afternoon confirmed the sale of 110,150 MT of US soybeans to unknown for 2012/13 shipment. Hardly a landslide of sales to China that the market has been persistently rumouring. At least not so far anyway.

CNGrain report that this year's Chinese soybean crop will fall 10% on last year to 13 MMT, whilst 2012/13 consumption will rise 6% to 70.55 MMT. Imports are forecast up 12% to 59 MMT.

CNOIGC meanwhile see soybean output a little lower at 12.8 MMT, a fall of 12% on last year. Rapeseed production is also forecast in decline at 12.2 MMT, down 9%. Plantings for both were down this year as farmers increased sowings for corn and rice.

The Chinese think tank in contrast have increased their forecast for corn production to a record 201 MMT this year (+4% on 2011), with wheat production at 118 MMT (+0.5%).

There was Chinese bloke tee-ing off at the first when I spoke down at the Bristol Corn Trade Golf thing the other week. He hit a great first shot that landed about two feet from the pin. I said "great tee shot". He said "thank's very much, but it's a rickle bit tight round the neck."