Panic Over!

22/04/13 -- The EU Commission’s Monitoring Agricultural Resources unit (also known as MARS) say the following with regards to UK crop production potential this year:

"For all crops, while the likelihood of realising their full potential is somewhat compromised by these long delays, it is still too early to revise the forecasts that have been made in the previous bulletin based on the temporal trends of previous years."

The news comes the same day that my chums at Wynnstay have emailed me to say that their planned Jun 6th Arable Event, at which yours truly was due to speak, has had to be cancelled as the variety plots are too poor to demonstrate.

Nevertheless, MARS have UK wheat yields this year beating the previous 5-year average at 8.02 MT/ha, with OSR yields also a little ahead of average at 3.50 MT/ha.

The MARS report also goes on to praise Luis Suarez for his consistently outstanding contribution to sportsmanship. The bell ends.