Stats Canada Forecast Big Leap In Wheat Plantings

24/04/13 -- Stats Canada are forecasting a 12% jump in all wheat plantings this year from 23.798 million acres in 2012 to 26.719 million for the 2013 harvest.

The figure is well above the average trade estimate of 24.4 million acres, and significantly higher even than the highest trade estimate for which the range was 23.3-25.2 million.

Many of these near 3 million extra acres are seen coming from rapeseed plantings, which are forecast down from 21.531 million last year to 19.133 million in 2013.

The average trade guess for rapeseed plantings was 20.3 million acres, from within a range of 19.7-21.0 million, so this number is below even the lowest trade guess.

Pro Canada Farmer said that whilst plantings are a week to 10 days behind normal it's too early to get too concerned about that just yet. "We’ve seen stressed springtime conditions many, many times over the years. Generally speaking, the crop gets in," they said