GMO Wheat Found Growing In US

30/05/13 -- Breaking news says that the USDA have found a strain of GMO wheat growing in a field in Oregon which is resistant to glyphosate herbicide.

"The rogue wheat was a strain tested from 1998 to 2005 by Monsanto, the world’s largest seedmaker, which withdrew its application for approval amid concern buyers would avoid crops from the US, the world’s biggest wheat exporter," report Bloomberg.

No varieties of GMO wheat are legal for sale in the US. Nobody seems to be immediately able explain how a GMO variety that was shelved in 2005 is now growing in Oregon eight years later.

A report on Reuters says that the Japanese have already announced that they "will refrain from buying (US) western white and feed wheat effective today."

The US market is now concerned that other nervous Asian buyers might follow suit, particularly with an avalanche of alternative new crop wheat about to come onto the market from other willing sellers.