The Bloody British Weather

16/05/13 -- Little more than a week ago I was sat here in the office sweating my bollocks off and looking up mobile aircon units on the internet, and now it's snowing in Devon! The papers are loving it of course, being full of the usual shite that they trot out when they've got nothing better to do.

"Forecasters predict a repeat of last year's wash-out summer," from the Daily Mail. "Another washout summer on its way as forecasters predict grey skies and more rain," from the Express.

Interesting then to take a shuftie at these weather maps from the US National Weather Service forecasting a drier than normal summer. Here they are on a month by month basis:




They even take us through to the autumn and early winter:




Of course they may know Jack Shit, like the Express and the Mail, but it gives us something to pin our hopes on though doesn't it? Cue "I don't want it to be that dry" emails.....