Ants Trade Limit Up On Rumoured Chinese Buying

19/06/13 -- Bollocks to soymeal, ants are the future and they're trading limit up on strong rumours that the insatiable Chinese are in the market for 10 million tonnes of US origin ants. As long as they don't come from Oregon of course.

Argentine ants are on strike, and Brazilian ants are suffering with logistical problems. Reuters report a line of ants stretching eighteen times around the world trying to get into Santos port after the Brazilian government said that ants could only work for 8 hours/day.

Meanwhile, as we all know, the Russian dung beetle crop has been badly affected by a chronic dung shortage this year.

It's actually quite an interesting concept this: Ant Pellets.

I can't wait to see them on Cargill's list. "They were ex store Liverpool but now they're ex store Preston, we don't know where they'll be tomorrow yet."