Is Anyone Going To York Races Tomorrow Night?

25/07/13 -- There's some sort of Cargill-related do on I understand. For those who haven't got a clue about one end of a horse from another, it may interest you to know that I've spotted a bit of a trend in certain races at York lately.

Specifically, in sprints. Whilst not infallible (Disclaimer: always read the label, horses can run backwards as well as forwards etc) it would be interesting to know this trend wouldn't it? Just in case you fancied a flutter.

Well, I've noticed an inordinate number of recent sprint races have been getting won by horses drawn high, the higher the better. Now in handicaps, which in theory see every horse weighted according to their ability and chance of winning the race, any advantage helps doesn't it? A sprint is a shorter race by definition and thus those with an advantage are more likely to scramble across the line first aided by it, than in longer races where the disadvantaged have more time to make up the lost ground.

It's far more interesting than the grain market this isn't it? And easier to call some might say.

Most of the sprint handicaps at York lately (and many of the non-handicaps too) have been won by horses drawn high. The higher the better. Indeed in some cases, the first two home have been drawn high.

If you don't mind spreading your bets around a little you could get a decent return. Like Jun 15, in a 6-furlong handicap the first two home in an 18 runner race were drawn 18 and 15. The winner paid 16/1, the second 20/1 and the forecast over 300/1. The day before at the same meeting a 19 runner 5-furlong handicap, cut down to 16 by a few non runners, was won by the horse drawn 19 at 11/2 with the 18 horse (20/1) just touched off by 1/2 length from bringing in the forecast, finishing third.

At the last meeting on Jul 12 a 15 runner 5-furlong handicap was won by the horse drawn 13 (at 20/1) with 11 coming second (10/1) for a 200/1 forecast.

Incidentally there were no sprint handicaps on the second day of that meeting, but there were two sprint non-handicaps. Want to know the result? The first, a 9 horse race won by the horse drawn 9 at 16/1. The other, only a five horse race to be fair, was won by the horse drawn 5 at 17/2.

Spooky. Hums the theme from the Twilight Zone....

There are two sprint handicaps to get your teeth into tomorrow, the 6.30 and the 8.30 (conveniently the last race of the day - get out of jail free).

The horses drawn high are...

6.30: Medici Time (drawn 20); Picture Dealer (19); Mount Hollow (18) and Sunraider (17).

8.30: Tumblewind (drawn 13); Bapak Sayang (12) and Dusty Storm (11).

What could possibly go wrong? Why lose money on the wheat market when you can know your fate in the space of a minute at York races?

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