Russian Harvest And Planting Progress

29/10/13 -- Latest figures from the Russian Ministry show that the 2013 grain harvest is now 92% complete at 90.3 MMT. A year ago at this time it stood at 72.2 MMT. Average yields are 2.23 MT/ha, up 18.6% versus 1.88 MT/ha a year ago.

Wheat accounts for 53.5 MMT of the harvest total off 95.7% of the planned area (versus 39.6 MMT a year ago at this time), yields are up almost 26% at 2.33 MT/ha.

They've also harvested 15.8 MMT of barley (off 91.5% of plan), 6.1 MMT of corn (off 47.8% of plan) and 7.3 MMT of sunflower (off 61.5% of plan).

All these tonnages are in bunker weight.

The USDA's September WASDE report suggested a clean weight 2013 Russian wheat harvest of 54 MMT, along with 17 MMT of barley, 9 MMT of corn and 8.9 MMT of sunseed. Based on these Ministry numbers the USDA are probably too high on wheat and barley and too low on corn and sunseed.

Winter plantings for the 2014 harvest have now been completed on 13.9 million hectares, 85% of the originally targeted area of 16.4 million. This time a year ago they'd planted 15.5 million hectares, and in 2011 it was 14.9 million.