Breaking: Sausage Department Suffers Damage

27/05/14 -- Scanning t'internet for news of what's going on around the world relating to the grain market is what I do. London wheat has today fallen to the lowest levels for a front month since Dec 2011.  A repeat of the Russian drought of 2010 seems to be about the best hope that growers have of arresting the current slump in prices. So it was with interest that I read this today, saying that heavy rains and hail have arrived in the key southern Russian region of Krasnodar. Maybe those wanting higher prices will now be praying for even heavier rain and even bigger hailstones?

It's been translated for me by Google, as you may be able to tell:

"According to experts Krasnodar meteorologist, yet May 19 21.00-22.00 MSK in Gazyrskom ri Viselkovsky district of Krasnodar region was observed, large hail, up to 20 mm, accompanied by rainfall, wind squalls up to 25-28 m / s. Due to bad weather the roof was damaged in school, broken slate, beams. There was a large number of broken branches, split and knocked down trees in the park, damaged the roof of the sausage department, fallen tree damaged a school bus, on the roof, the walls of the siding had numerous holes."

The poor old sausage department, dripping it was, although it doesn't say if the back doors also took any damage....