Have You Heard?

16/05/14 -- About my new "Market Info" page yet? It's shit hot, even if I say so myself, especially when viewed on a beast of a monitor (like my huge thing) that's over 1900 pixels wide.

If you look at it on one of those, all the info appears at a glance, side-by-side, so you don't have to tire your index finger out with all that scrolling you poor little lamb.

If not, it's set up to automatically load a "long" version, which still looks pretty good anyway, even on an iPad/tablet.

I may even have to push the boat out and create a smartphone version at some point, if I can be arsed.

It's met with what you might call "widespread critical acclaim" - which means I've had 3 emails about it already. Thanks, Colin, Phil and Lawrence. "It is without doubt the best grain-related website/webpage on the whole of the world-wide web, bar none" - MrsN#3.

Just click the market info link at the top of the page to check it out for yourself, or click here if even that's too much for you. You're one bone idle get you are.

Makes you think though doesn't it? How can a little one man band tosspot like me create just one webpage that's so beautiful and functional, whilst your company's entire website almost certainly looks like a complete bag of shite doesn't it?

If you'd like to rectify that and have a revamp, or even stick with the muppets that you are using now and at least get some decent content on there, rather than that interesting snippet of news regarding that open day that you had in 2009, then get in touch.

Info at nogger dot co dot uk