Some Markets Closed Today

01/05/14 -- It's May Day. Or at least it is in some parts of the world. Those work-shy, surrender monkeys the French have got the day off, so don't go expecting a deluge of activity on London wheat today.

Various South American countries are also shut (including Argentina and Brazil), hence the gratuitous seizure of any old opportunity to post a pic of a Brazilian beach volley ball player's arse. That's a ladies arse by the way, just in case you are wondering. You can't be too careful these days can you?

The Chinese are also having a day off I am told. So we can talk about them in confidence. I took my Chinese mate to Twickenham to watch the rugby the other week. It was really funny hearing him sing "sling row, sweet charred shallots..."

The Canadians are in, which is just as well if this headline is anything to go by:

Canada could have an exploding whale problem

Apparently the residents of two Canadian towns are living in fear of a bloated rotting whale carcass exploding all over them at any time. Which for some strange reason puts me in mind of being married to MrsN#1.....