Putin To Address The Nation Tonight

07/08/14 -- EU grains trade mostly lower at midday, erasing some of yesterday's gains. However, the market remains nervous over the Russian situation, with Putin apparently expected to make an emergency announcement on state TV at 20.30 Moscow time tonight.

Will he send the troops into eastern Ukraine under the guise of some sort of peacekeeping/humanitarian move? Only a deranged megalomaniac would do that surely? What? He IS a deranged megalomaniac who's popularity with the Russian people has soared since the taking of Crimea. Oh dear.

The tit-for-tat ban on US, EU, Australian and Canadian agricultural products will doubtless lead to increased food prices in Russia, raising inflation and pushing the economy there closer to recession, but at least the man's popular. That's what really matters.

Which is a bit like saying "you can say what you like about Hitler, but at least he made the trains run on time."

Apparently Russia accounts for around 21.5% of all EU vegetable and 28% of EU fruit exports, along with being the second largest buyer of US chicken meat after Mexico. They are, or were, a large buyer of Australian beef too.

The latest gossip is that they are now considering a ban on passenger flights over Russian airspace for Europeans travelling to Asia. That's my Thai holiday next year fcuked up already then. The bastard. Is it just me or does he always look like he's in the middle of a long, drawn out poo?

What do you mean, you've never noticed? Have a look at this: There's 3 "breather rings" on that

And this: You'll have to beat that with a stick to get that down the pan

See what I mean?

"Never trust a man who always looks like he's in the middle of a long poo, our David." that's what me Nan always used to say, and it's stood me in very good stead up until now.